28 fast tips you can learn from pro bloggers
This is part two of my ProBlogger Event coverage. My first post on the event was 15 useful blogging tools and resources discussed as a result of the ProBlogger Event.
28 fast tips you can learn from pro bloggers
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As mentioned last week, I was fortunate to hear Darren Rowse, Chris Garrett, Collis Ta’eed and Yaro Starak (amongst many very interesting others) speak.

Here are what I consider to be 28 of the best tips they shared at the ProBlogger Event:

  1. Your blog’s only as good as your last post.
  2. Killer content becomes viral. Word-of-mouth traffic is the best traffic you can get.
  3. Put your blog on the map. Make it a must-have resource.
  4. A critical success factor: write magnetic headlines.
  5. Ask yourself: Why should people know you? What are you giving that nobody else is?
  6. If you want content to go viral, don’t make people jump through hoops – give them content and show them how to share it.
  7. Creative Commons badges makes sharing things easier.
  8. Find out what questions people have and answer them.
  9. Create something worth being found. Ask yourself, “Would I read this?”.
  10. Write about the intersection of what you know and what people want to know.
  11. Add proof: “This is what I know and how I know it”.
  12. Turn up the emotions on your content. People like to talk to people.
  13. Include keywords in your headlines. People are looking for these.
  14. Give people something to download such as a report.
  15. People want to know what they don’t know and what they’re being excluded from.
  16. If you don’t have authority, borrow it. E.g.: Interview other people.
  17. Repurpose content. Turn popular posts into an ebook.
  18. Start a newsletter ASAP. Not everyone reads a blog every day, but most people check email every day. Try Aweber for easy creation and sending.
  19. Some people want to hear, some people want to watch, some people want to read. Give them all three and you’re on a winner.
  20. Create a reader profile. Get to know and understand the people who read your blog.
  21. Get off your blog. Look at sites such as StumbleUpon. Look for forums where you can have a presence.
  22. Build anticipation and give readers a reason to subscribe.
  23. It’s easier to keep an old reader than to look for new ones.
  24. Cheerlead your readers. Thank those who participate (comments, ReTweets etc).
  25. Make people laugh and giggle and your content will get passed around.
  26. Persist. The first year of blogging is the hardest. After that, social proof will kick in.
  27. Make your subscription options clear.
  28. Design is important because sites like StumbleUpon like eye candy.

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3 Responses to 28 fast tips you can learn from pro bloggers

  1. wow! thanks for the stumble upon recommendation- that’s fantastic! you dont know by any chance how they actually choose the stumble upon site and how you can get your site in the loop?

    • Hey Nadean! You simply sign up to the SU site and manually submit the URL you wish to be included. An algorithm then decides when and who sees it. The idea is that the more people who “thumbs up” your post, the more it is shown.

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28 fast tips you can learn from pro bloggers
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