Ask Bree: I want to move from Blogger to WordPress. Now what?
I'm looking at taking my business from Blogger over to, because I now have two websites and I would like to combine them into one beautiful, up-to-date and easy-to-update site
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QUESTION: I’m looking at taking my business from Blogger over to, because I now have two websites and I would like to combine them into one beautiful, up-to-date and easy-to-update site. I have downloaded but my head is spinning from all the tech talk. Do I need to buy web hosting as well? I already have my own domain name and web hosting through Crazy Domains, but not sure if that will work for what I need now. Any insight you are able to provide would be such a massive help!

– Jess, The Wellness Warrior

Bree’s answer:

Hi Jess!

Wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this! is definitely a great platform. I heart it. Lots. You can pretty much make it do whatever you want, simply by installing “plugins”. However, it is a li’l more techie to use and I can’t sugar-coat that. Here’s what I suggest to anyone wanting to move to

  1. Make sure you’re aware of the differences between and I explain this (geek-free) here.
  2. Sign up for a free account. This isn’t to use, but to practice on! It’ll give you a feel of what the WordPress platform is like, and will give you the chance to change your mind before you pay too much more money for your investment. Also? You’ll get an AKISMET key. This is basically a code you use with an anti-spam plugin. Save this for later – you’ll want to use it on your site.
  3. If you read the post on vs, and have decided to go ahead and use, you’ll know that yes, you need hosting (which you’ve already got – tick!). If you didn’t have this, I’d say: check out my post on WordPress hosting suggestions.
  4. You need a domain name for your site. You’ve also got this (another tick!) but if you didn’t, you can easily sign up for a .com (sometimes for free) one via the hosting companies I listed.

Now, for the next part. And this is where it starts to get a wee bit more complicated. In brief, here are your options…


  • If you used a domain name registrar that’s different to your host, you’ll need to update your DNS – geek speak for “address (basically a bunch of letters and numbers) that points your domain name to your host” – with the details your host provides you with. It can sometimes take up to 48 hours for the change to kick in. But given your domain name and hosting are with the same crew, you can ignore this step.
  • You’ll now need to install If you used the hosts I suggested, you can automatically do this via the host – you don’t need to download the software from the site. I’m not sure if your hosting company offers this easier-to-do option, so just send them an e-mail to check. If they’re nice, they might even install it for you!
  • You then need to import all your posts from Blogger to You can find further details on the official WordPress site here and you may want to use the Blogger Importer plugin.
  • The next part is the pretty-ing up part. First, find a theme (design). You can find free ones on the website, or you can purchase them from various sites such as ThemeForest or, if you have a bit of creative flair, I use Headway Themes to create my own design simply using a two-column layout with images inserted in the sidebars.
  • The next step is to add in some free plugins such as AKISMET, Google Analytics For WordPress, the All-In-One SEO Pack (though this one isn’t necessary if you use Headway Themes), and the one that’s saved me from pulling my hair out on more than one occasion (but sadly isn’t free): BackUp Buddy.
  • There are more plugins I’d recommend, but let’s stick with basics for now. :) Also, you’ll want to adjust your Google Analytics settings, move any RSS feeds, and set up a redirect so people who go to your address are automatically taken to your new domain name. You could try this Blogger To WordPress plugin to to that.
  • Now, note that is the very abbreviated DIY version. If you’re feeling confident to do it on your own, you might also want to check out the How To Move From Blogger To WordPress e-book. Currently the authors are letting you download the first few chapters for free. (Disclosure: I’m yet to read past the free chapters – but it seems to have it covered in a lot of depth.)


  • This can be the fastest, most hassle-free option. You can find someone relatively inexpensive to help you on sites such as Elance. Just a few points to remember: like eBay, the freelancers available to help you have ratings. Read them carefully, and send e-mails asking any questions first – you want someone who can do it all, from installing WordPress to importing your posts and more.
  • Important note: You will need to give any passwords to these people, so make sure you check them out thoroughly first, and once your job is done, change them so that you’re the only one with access. A very basic Blogger-to-WordPress move for a pro shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

So there you go! Option A is the harder one and may cause frustration. However, the more you DIY, the more you learn, and the more beneficial it is in the long run as you’ll discover how to do so much for yourself without the need to ask others for help. This could also result in saving you money. It’s really rewarding being able to do your own blog stuff.

Option B is more expensive and less stressful, but the more you don’t know, the more you’ll need to pay someone to do…

Hope that helps Jess!


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14 Responses to Ask Bree: I want to move from Blogger to WordPress. Now what?

  1. Having made the move myself recently – well not quite myself as I paid others to move me – I would also add, be aware that there is a lot to WordPress and self hosting on an ongoing basis that a Blogger blogger might not be aware of. Tweaking my site has been more difficult (and again I have had to get external help) and I have had issues between my theme and host that I had NO idea where to start with to sort out – external help again! And don’t even get me started on what happen when I upgraded WP! So, Blogger bloggers, just be aware that it is a whole new world!

  2. I also would like to suggest buying a book on wordpress. I got an Idiot’s guide (or something like that) and it’s been so helpful! Just got me through yet another confusion this week.

    Oh, and do yourself a favor and buy a premium theme. They’re worth the money.


  3. Hi Bree,
    Yes great advice. I personally went through the act of setting up my site recently with wordpress using my own domain name. Thruth be told, my brother-in-law actually set the whole thing up for me for free….well I promised him a nice dinner :)
    I watched him do the setup and I tried to learn what he was doing but he did everything manually. Even so it took him only 20 minutes or so to get my site ready for me to start blogging. He also spent some time touching up the site and modifying things here and there to make it look nice.
    One tip he told me was to back up your site regularly using the wordpress export functionality in the admin panel and make sure you save this file somewhere offboard on a disk drive in case your computer fails. To be honest most of this geeky stuff goes over my head but with a little practice you can learn how to do a lot of these things. (Also helps if you have a computer geek in your family :))

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