56 Fun blogging activities (that don’t require writing posts)
Sometimes, you just don't feel like writing. Other times, you may be suffering blog-writer's block.
56 Fun blogging activities (that don’t require writing posts)
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Either way you know you should be doing something productive with your blog. But what? I’ve got 56 ideas to make you feel like you’re improving your site, yet having fun at the same time…

  1. Create your dream blog layout using a wireframe tool
  2. Play with some CSS tools
  3. Make a favicon for your blog with a favicon generator
  4. Browse music for your next vlog.
  5. Discover your social-media influence
  6. Add your blog to Technorati
  7. Join a blogging group or organisation
  8. Do some keyword research for your next post
  9. Learn easy, beginner HTML (just copy and paste!)
  10. Find a blogger outreach program that’s suitable for you
  11. Submit your favorite posts to StumbleUpon
  12. Give some of the blogging tools offering free trials a run
  13. Look for a slideshow you can embed in an upcoming post
  14. Create a gravatar (the images that appears next to blog comments)
  15. Replace your e-mail address with a blog contact form
  16. Add a logo to your blog’s Feedburner account
  17. No one likes a slow-loading blog. Find out how fast yours loads with Stella
  18. Quickly check your home page for spelling mistakes. Just copy and paste its URL
  19. Blog down? And is it down for everyone or just you? Find out with Down For Everyone Or Just Me
  20. Brush up on your typing skills
  21. Find out who’s been linking to your blog via Twitter in seconds with BackTweets
  22. Run your blog through Sucuri‘s malware and blacklisting scan
  23. Test for broken links with Online Broken Link Checker
  24. Has someone stolen your content? This site claims to check for you
  25. Get your blog organised with a to-do list
  26. Take the time to suss out affilate programs and blog ad networks
  27. Browse stock image libraries for pictures
  28. Set up a blog newsletter for your most loyal readers
  29. Read the ultimate beginner’s guide to SEO
  30. Browse Google Web Fonts for new fonts to spice up your blog
  31. See how much other people sell blog advertising space for
  32. Create a blog poll, blog quiz, or blog survey
  33. Check your username availabilities across networks and websites
  34. Mock up an e-book cover (for that e-book you keep meaning to write…)
  35. Nominate yourself for a blog award
  36. Learn how to back-up your blog
  37. Browse the WordPress plugin library
  38. Make and tweet a short screencast
  39. Browse design competition entries (and get inspiration) on LogoMyWay or 99Designs
  40. Watch screen casts of people using your blog. (See it to believe it.)
  41. Find a blog conference to attend
  42. Discover what your blog SOUNDS like. Really
  43. View your blog with different fonts (without touching code)
  44. Learn all the blogging and online advertising and marketing terms
  45. Create an e-mail signature incorporating your RSS feed and social-network profiles
  46. See what your blog looks like in different browsers
  47. Find a blog carnival to participate in
  48. Create a blog survey
  49. Create a new color scheme for your blog
  50. Detect the technologies used by your favorite blogs and websites
  51. Search for new feminine, WordPress themes and consider updating your blog
  52. Turn your blog-post content into a book
  53. Add a toolbar to your blog
  54. Browse blogs for sale
  55. Create your own set of blog business cards
  56. Create a group for bloggers in your niche on Facebook or LinkedIn

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56 Fun blogging activities (that don’t require writing posts)
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