Blogger Profile: Christina From Hair Romance
What do you do when you meet your hairdresser and husband on the same street? Blog about it, of course!
Blogger Profile: Christina From Hair Romance
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What started (no so long ago) as a blog about hair, has turned into a wealth of info, more than 100,000 visitors per month, and an e-book on hairstyle how-tos. Over to you, Christina!

Meet Christina…

Blog: Hair Romance
Lives: Sydney, Australia
Twitter: @hairromance
Unique visitors per month: 110,000


Why did you start blogging?

I love hair and love styling my hair. My friend suggested I share how I style my hair and it’s grown from to be all about the hair.

What was life like before blogging?

I used to work in retail deign and was moving into project management but I realised I didn’t love it. I decided to take a chance and follow my dreams of running my own business and being a photographer. Blogging was a side project that’s become my main focus!

Which blogging platform do you use?

I’m currently on Blogger but moving to WordPress. Blogger was super easy and very low tech so was easy to start on. I’m moving my site to the next level and need the flexibility of WordPress now.

Biggest blogging achievements?

I made the first ever top five beauty blogs of the week on and passed one million hits in June 2011. I’ve been backstage at fashion week and Hair Expo and been involved in shoots. I love finding out about new products and the support of the blogging community is amazing.

How long do you work on your blog?

Wow, I spend so much time online now! I’m always reading blogs, following trends, looking up runway hair and beauty trends… then I actually have to focus on taking my own photos and writing! I love it, so it’s hard to quantify the time, but I would say a LOT!

How did you first get traffic?

My first traffic came from commenting on other blogs, and I still do that now. It’s a great way to make contact with other bloggers and become part of the community. Pinterest and StumbleUpon are also big traffic sources for my site.

How’s your blog changed over time?

I’m currently redesigning my logo and site. I’m always learning form other bloggers and when I see things I like on other sites I see how it could be incorporated into my site design.

Do you make a living from your blog?

I sell an e-book – 30 Hairstyle in 30 Days – which is going really well. I run Google Adsense ads and I am deciding whether to join Glam Media network or run my own ads. It all depends on time vs returns.

Biggest blogging mistake you’ve made?

Not having an editorial calendar. I am still working on this but being organised makes such a difference. Otherwise I’m always writing late at night for tomorrow’s post. Don’t neglect your real life for online life either.

Run any other blogs?

Not yet but I have few plans…

Blogging achievement you’re most proud of?

My e-book. Designing 30 hairstyles in 30 days and writing all the instructions! I set it up to sell it online and I did it all on my own! I am the photographer, model, designer, graphic designer and salesperson! I get such a buzz when I hear from readers who are trying the styles!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Don’t try and do it all on your own! I’m proud of my achievements but it’s quicker and easier if you ask for help. There are so many resources online, don’t be too proud to ask for help.


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13 Responses to Blogger Profile: Christina From Hair Romance

  1. I enjoyed reading about Christina’s blogging journey & am looking forward to following her blog! I recently did a post on how to create a fun Summer hair bow on my blog. I’d love for you to take a look!

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Blogger Profile: Christina From Hair Romance
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