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This post will be covering - LIVE! - the key points made at the Nuffnang Blogopolist Conference during Class 2: Blog Photography.
Blog Photography
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For all the key points made during each of the seven classes, check out the Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011 schedule, complete with links to each classes notes.

Class 2: Blog Photography

Speakers: Danielle Melnyczenko of Danimezza, and Minh Giang  of Eat, Show & Tell.

Tips and points made by myself will be indicated with [Bree].

[UPDATE: For a full list of tools & resources mentioned – with URLs – see here]

Key Points…

  • Danni is going to wing her tips :)
  • For Danni, her blog is a reflection of herself.
  • Why Minh loves photography: Chefs put a lot of work into their presentation, so they love to document their meals on their blog.
  • Danni classes herself as a photo journalist. Capturing the daily moments is what it’s about.
  • If you want to focus on a product shot, make sure the background is clean, and use natural light – not flash.
  • Photos don’t have to be all smiling. They can be all about capturing the moment.
  • It’s not about the gear you’re  using, it’s how you take the photo.
  • Five points… LIGHTING
  • “Romantic lighting” is Minh’s pet peeve. Don’t use flash in restaurants. [A good tip for food bloggers – people go there for the atmosphere.]
  • Use a piece of tissue as a cheap diffuser. You can use this with your iPhone.
  • Back lighting is a really useful tool.
  • You don’t need to light from the front – it can come from the side.
  • COMPOSITION. There are a lot of rules eg: Rule of thirds. The thing is every photo, it changes depending on what you are taking the photo of.
  • Danni hates taking photos straight on.
  • POINT OF VIEW: Top down shots can be overused in food photography. But it’s a great way to highlight certain aspects.
  • SUBJECT: You’ll see high apertures used a lot in food photography.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a fair bit of cropping.
  • [The photos being shown are beautiful… I will have to link to them somehow!]
  • Before you think about pressing the shutter button, think about the environment you’re in.
  • What to use to take blog photos…
  • You don’t need a DSLR to take great photos for your blog. Use your iPhone, check out the Instagram app.
  • What Minh loves about Instagram is that you can make bad photos look good with a filter.
  • If you have an iPhone use the regular iPhone camera THEN add a filter. Don’t take pics with the apps.
  • Minh loves checking the data of photos on Flickr. Instagram strips that data.
  • Cannon G10 range is good and you can get some good lenses [Need to confirm this point – BREE]
  • Nikon D700 is what’s used by Minh. It’s very heavy though! Upgraded to this for food photography – it gives great low light photos.
  • Danni has a lot of equipment and has to be ready for a lot of situations.
  • [Danni and Minh have a list of all of their equipment… Will try to get hold of this… I can type fast, but not quick enough for techie Camera names ;) ]
  • At events Danni uses five cards and switches them out – she knows those images are then safe. Don’t get too into big cards.
  • Batteries – Danni carries three. One in camera, one in bag, one in hotel room.
  • Breath out when taking photo without flash – it helps to be less shaky. The brace position (tuck arms in tight) is like creating your own tripod if you don’t have one.
  • Danni takes iPhone4 everywhere. Lots of lenses you can get for these for about $20. Learn to use the focus point on your iPhone. Have a play!
  • Workflow… Shoot raw. It gives you the raw image and you can use Lightroom to tweak it.
  • LightRoom is expensive software, but it can take photos from crap to awesome. Danni was bowled over by it.
  • When you export photos with LightRoom you can choose to include watermarks.
  • SEO tip for images: People don’t realise you get SEO on photos. Consider the name of the image for Google Image Search. Especially good for event photos. Also add pics to Flickr – it can be a good traffic driver.
  • Food photo tips… hold your camera still! Use 2-second timer on point and shoot cameras.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • If you’re interested in a picture, someone else could be as well.
  • is a good website for comparing camera models and prices.
  • The higher the ISO the better for low light pictures.
  • Participate in photography workshops.
  • Embrace your own unique style.
  • If all else fails, Google your photography question. [ENDS]

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3 Responses to Blog Photography

  1. Here are my notes on the techno stuff mentioned by Danielle and Minh – not sure if I got everything right here, but I think its mostly correct:
    Nikon D700 is a compact SLR
    Lenses – 35 mm f/2 & 50 mm (f/1.8??). I think it was Minh who said the 50 mm is a great starter lens.
    Flashes: SB 600 or SB 800 (Danielle and Minh seemed to have slightly different preferences)
    Inbuilt flash diffuser
    Compact camera: Olympus tough 6000

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Blog Photography
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