Improving Blog Content
This post will be covering - LIVE! - the key points made at the Nuffnang Blogopolist Conference during Class 3: Improving Blog Content.
Improving Blog Content
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For all the key points made during each of the seven classes, check out the Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011 schedule, complete with links to each classes notes.

Class 3: Improving Blog Content

Speakers: Christie Burnett of Childhood101, Susan Thye of Chocolatesuze and Nikki Parkinson of Styling You.

Tips and points made by myself will be indicated with [Bree].

[UPDATE: For a full list of tools & resources mentioned – with URLs – see here]

Key Points…

  • From CHRISTIE…
  • Ask yourself: why blog?
  • If facing posting block, take some time out
  • If taking time out, simply reschedule some old posts
  • Call on your blog community if you need to – communities are important
  • While on a blogging break, revisit your reason to blog. Has your purpose changed?
  • Maybe consider a new design?
  • Consider what makes your blog unique.
  • Those who post quality content will succeed.
  • You don’t need to post every day.
  • Write drafts and keep them ready for your down time
  • Look outside of your niche for ideas
  • From SUSAN…
  • Inpsiration for your posts can be found anywhere…
  • Read other blogs, bookmark posts, save those ideas for the future…
  • Forums are a great to connect with other bloggers.
  • Twitter is great to interact with others too.
  • Check out layouts and styles of other blogs for that kind of inspiration too.
  • Photos really do have a thousand words – add them to your blog.
  • Lists can break up a long post.
  • From NIKKI…
  • What you put on your blog is damn important.
  • No one originally commented on Nikki’s blog. So she spent a lot of time commenting, getting to know other bloggers – and not just those in her niche.
  • A redesign can boost your motivation. Nikki went from 4K uniques to 30K and picked up a number of awards.
  • Nikki won Best Australian blog – check her out at
  • Tip: Get organised. Nikki content plans and manages up to two months in advance. She still changes things around if need be, though.
  • Ask yourself, how often will you post?
  • Surprise your readers with some unscheduled posts. If there is something happening  relating to your niche, jump on it straight away.
  • Make sure you’re not giving your readers the same content over and over again. Nikki blogged about fashion & beauty, but now also blogging tips.
  • Think about how you can take the categories of your content and spread it over the week or month.
  • Tools of the trade: Good old fashion note book is great. Ideas can come to you at any time.
  • Schedule posts. Nikki writes at night and schedules to post in the morning.
  • Nikki loves the WP Editorial Calendar calendar. It makes it easy to see your draft posts at a glance.
  • We all have the power in our blogs to make a difference, make someone laugh, make someone smile.
  • Everyone is different, everyone has a story to tell. Show your personality on your blog.
  • Blogging is a conversation. Make the reader feel as though they have a connection with you.
  • Nikki suggests… For a laugh read Bern Morely, Lori from Ramblings of A Stay At Home Mum, Woogsworld
  • Nikki’s blog is still business related, but has a personal level. How can you bring more of yourself into your blog?
  • In print you don’t get the awesome comments that you get from blogging, Twitter and FB. People want to connect with people. [ENDS]

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6 Responses to Improving Blog Content

  1. I liked hearing from Nikki, I think that she is quite inspiration. I can’t believe that she prep’s 2 months in advance – that’s impressive!

    Thanks for live blogging from the event, Bree!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I eally need to start just writing drafts and posting later so I can write when I am inspired byt not worry about correct, good writing if I am tired (and as a mom, I am always tired)

  3. Such a great session, thanks for capturing the key points Bree!

    Each speaker had such great points but Christie’s points particularly resonated with me as I haven’t heard much about blogger burn-out before – great tips.

    And I’ll also be downloading the WordPress Editorial Calendar as per Nikki’s presentation, prior preparation here we come!

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Improving Blog Content
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