Editorial vs Advertorial
This post will be covering - LIVE! - the key points made at the Nuffnang Blogopolist Conference during Class 5: Editorial vs Advertorial.
Editorial vs Advertorial
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For all the key points made during each of the seven classes, check out the Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011 schedule, complete with links to each classes notes.

Class 5: Editorial vs Advertorial

Speakers: Nikki Parkinson of Styling You, Phoebe Montague of Lady Melbourne, David Krupp of Nuffnang, Arnold Aranez of Mr Gadget and Jeff Tan of iProspect.

Tips and points made by myself will be indicated with [Bree].

*** Note: I’m not 100% certain I’m attributing the points to the right speakers… I’m not in a great position to see them! Please accept my apologies. I’m going by sound for this one :) Points are not word-for-word.

[UPDATE: For a full list of tools & resources mentioned – with URLs – see here]

Key Points…

  • Difference between editorial and advertorial
  • PM: Advertorial is paid and you can clearly see it’s been sponsored. Have never had any backlash over sponsored posts. Always ask what readers are going to get out of it. Your best assett as a blogger is harnessing your readers.
  • Are you a sell out for advetising?
  • NP: We are all independent publishers. This doesn’t need to be a problem if you set your own guidelines. Simply clearly define what you’re doing.
  • PM: If your readers are going to be turned off because you are monetizing, they are living in 2004. It’s 2011. People are creating content with value. Journalists get paid, magazines have advertising. Full time bloggers don’t live off air.
  • [?]: You are creating fantastic content and you should be rewarded.
  • Has a brand tried to influence the course of a post they’ve asked you to write?
  • NP: The difficulty is that most fash/beauty PRs are still following the old-school journalism. They are still learning. It’s not uncommon to get 30 emails per day. Releases are great resources, but unless they are pitching something that fits into my schedule, it will probably be filed away.
  • PM: If email doesn’t have my name/blog name, I delete the email. Brands want something for free. If you can’t address email to me, why should I invest my time?
  • What do you do to make sure your sponsored content remains credible?
  • ARNOLD: Balance. Talk about the good things as well as things brand/product can improve on.
  • DK: It’s important that we ask our bloggers to create good content.
  • When writing sponsored content, it’s crucial to have a disclaimer… What should it say?
  • DK: Every sponsored  post Nuffnang runs starts with “Sponsored by Nuffnang…”
  • NP: If I’ve been writing a post that features products I’ve been sent for free, I link to my disclosure policy. Important because readers are buying things I’m writing about.
  • [?] Bloggers are really influential
  • NP: I’ve had comments saying this is a great example of a sponsored post.
  • Should you respond to all PR requests?
  • PM: If you feel it’s appropriate, and that there’s going to be value, then yes. It’s all about the approach.
  • If there’s no offer for $, how do you propose that?
  • PM: What you have to work out is if it’s a brand you want to work with, decide what you’re going to get out of it that’s value for you and your readers. Eg: If they don’t want to pay for a sponsored post, they may give you product for the value of that.
  • What’s an appropriate amount to charge?
  • NP & PM refer them to Nuffnang.
  • PM: Have the best media kit possible. If gives a snapshot of demographic, who I am and what I do. If a pitch is too small for Nuffnang, I charge my own rates. But that’s for the smaller independent brands, that aren’t going to work with an agency. Sometimes their is a price negotiation. Rates depend on the client and what they are asking.
  • NP: PRs don’t have the money – it’s the marketing managers et al that do. Sometimes say: This pitch is more of an advertorial, if you think the brand would like to sponsor it, let me know.
  • What’s the going figure?
  • AA: I charge at least $500 per post. The more expensive ones can be a couple of thousand.
  • PM: You are so valuable. You have to put a price on what your’e doing. Get a media kit together and think about “What am I worth?”. Be prepared to come to the table with figures.
  • 3 Tips for working with brands.
  • NP: Have media kit in place, don’t be afraid if your readership isn’t that good. A lot of PRs will request your reader numbers, but don’t be afraid to share it.  Be respectful to PRs. Build those contacts and relationships with the brands. You never know who is reading your blog. Remember it.
  • DK: When working with SEO clients, for eg, they will be particular for the words you use/bold etc. Be prepared to work with the client. You are as valuable as you are because you are who you are. Don’t change for anyone – remain true to yourself, that’s why readers love you. If you want to work with brands, try not to swear.
  • PM: Put value on yourself – very important if you want to monetise. Be prepared to say no if it’s not right for you. The value in it has to be for you and your readers.
  • AA: Understand your blog strategy and make sure opportunities align with it, understand and know your worth, don’t be scared to ask. [ENDS]

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2 Responses to Editorial vs Advertorial

  1. Another really insightful session. Lots of props to Phoebe on sooo many great points and also found Nikki’s points about working with PR very helpful.

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Editorial vs Advertorial
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