HTML Entities Cheat Sheet
Some characters are reserved in HTML. To display them, entities must be used. Use either the number or name to show an HTML entity (though the browser support for numbers is better).
HTML entities cheat sheet: copy and paste!
HTML Entities Cheat Sheet
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INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Find the HTML entity you’re after. 2) Click the icon that looks like two pages to copy it. 3) CTRL+V/Command+V will paste it into your blog post’s HTML editor, sidebar, newsletter or more!

Copyright symbol ©

Trademark symbol ™

Registered trademark ®

Heart symbol ♥

Spades symbol ♠

Diamonds symbol ♦

Clubs symbol ♣

Up arrow ↑

Right arrow →

Down arrow ↓

Left arrow ←

Double left arrow «

Double right arrow »

Euro sign €

Cent sign ¢

Pound sign £

Yen sign ¥

A non-breaking space  

An ampersand &

Less than symbol <

Greater than symbol >

Quotation mark "

Bullet •

Em dash —

En dash –

Horizontal ellipsis …

Degree sign °

Devision sign ÷

Minus sign −

Multiplication sign ×

Half symbol ½

Quarter symbol ¼

Three-quarter symbol ¾

Superscript 1 ¹

Superscript 2 ²

Superscript 3 ³


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HTML Entities Cheat Sheet
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