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Oh hello there. It’s been a while between drinks, hasn’t it? I could never have guessed when I wrote my last post so much time would pass before you’d hear from me again… But if you’re familiar with my little blog, here’s a rundown on the shiny new look and re-vamped features. And if you’re new? Well, a big hello to you and please do stop and take a browse.

1. Blog tips

Blogging tips, tricks interviews and more. I’ve done some major spring cleaning, deleting old posts and tidying up those that have remained. It’s all about the good stuff now… You’ll also find a “toolbox” below each post which highlights the related links featured so you can see them at glance.

2. Tools & resources directory

It still has more than 300 of the best blogging resources, but now features an improved star rating system to help you see at a glance what fellow bloggers think of the tools.

3. Glossary

A growing list of the need-to-know terms in the social media, online marketing and web design words. Now with another twenty or so key terms (and of course more to come).

4. Themes & designs gallery

Created in response to the 4575 times (approximately) I’ve been asked, “Do you know where I can find nice feminine WordPress themes?” Scroll through a Pinterest-style view of themes (which you can pin directly or click through for other sharing and saving options).

5. Lifestyle conferences and events calendar

This worldwide list of blogging conventions and social media conferences (there are more than 100 of them!) and Twitter chats can be viewed by date (day, month, year), location (city, state, country), and niche (beauty, home etc). Choose your view: agenda, calendar or scrolling list.

6. Cheat sheets

The HTML cheat sheet was the last featured I added to the site before its vacation. You may have briefly seen it, if not, it’s a copy ‘n’ paste list of common HTML most bloggers use. Save this one to view on your desktop and not your tablet or phone.

7. Your faves

And if you’ve found something you like here – a post, resource, event or theme – you can easily create your own personalised list of faves. Simply click the heart to add it to the list, and view/edit it here. And if that’s not enough… I have a few more features up my sleeve. Stay tuned by using one of the many subscription options.

Phew. Well, that’s what’s been going on with me and my blog. I’d love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions. So, how’ve you been?


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25 Responses to Everything you need for your blog!

  1. OMG… so excited to see a new post from you! Especially since I’ve just relaunched my new brand & in desperate need of a savvy and stylish expert with the best resource list around. Welcome back, gorgeous gal! Xx

  2. Yay! My one stop shop for all my blogging queries is back! And with such a pretty and easy to use site.

    Such a wonderful resource Bree – your knowledge blows me away. you should be giving yourself a HUGE pat on the back right now! Or maybe a shopping excursion ;) xx

  3. Feeling lucky to have discovered your site on Pinterest today! And just after your fresh launch! I’ve got some self-educating to do!

  4. Hi, I just found this site via pinterest- I’ve only read this post and so far I can tell this site will be a huge help to me as a brand new blogger – looking forward to spending a lot of time here over the next few days and weeks. Thanks!

  5. Welcome back! It’s been a while. So excited to have you back online! Missed you and your most informative blog. Can’t wait to catch up!

  6. So glad to have you back, I always loved this site. I would like to invite you over to my blog bc I have a lot of resources as well for Bloggers YOU may like to use and I create WordPress and Blogger themes. Welcome back hope to see more from you :)


    • Thank you so much Noor! I would love to check out your site; I’ve started keeping a list of designers for future reference. I’ll add you to it :)

  7. Your exactly the person for whom I’ve been searching. How do I get direct and specific advice from you?

    I have a blog, but it’s pretty basic. I’m not super blog techy. Would love to hear back from you.

    Thanks for your site!


    • Hi MJ! Thanks for stopping by :) I don’t provide one-on-one blog coaching at present, but I hope to provide a lot more helpful posts you might enjoy!

  8. Hi Bree! Happened upon your blog from the critique chat on Blogtrends. I am so glad I found your site! My blog is not quite four months old yet, so I have a lot to learn. I think your site will be a great resource!

    No critique from me!

  9. Hi Bree!

    Awesome website! So glad I found you. Filled with such awesome info!

    I am in the midst of choosing a theme for my new blog and I am wondering what that sticky band with the Free Beginner E-course and “login/faves” is at the top of your site. My key objective with my new blog is to collect e-mail addresses to build my list, as I’ve written a bunch of meal plans and recipe e-books that I want to sell and monetize! :)

    Would I be able to add that feature to whichever theme I choose? (I’m between Isabelle, Daily Dish, Modern Studio, Marilyn and Creative.. lol.. short list, I know.. ) Just trying to figure out if that’s a feature I would need to find in a theme or if it can be added without much “html” coding knowledge (which I don’t have).

    Thanks in advance Bree!!

    – Brooke

    • Hi Brooke! I did the “sticky band” with Headway Themes. Technically you don’t need to know how to code, but for something like that it can be helpful in making it look exactly how you like. An alternative would be the Foo Bar which I’ve also used and liked and should work with most themes. Hope that helps!

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