How to start and build a blog (step-by-step)
A quick and easy guide to starting and building a blog, including generating traffic, monitoring your progress and making money.
How to start and build a blog (step-by-step)
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A quick and easy guide to starting and building a blog, including generating traffic, monitoring your progress, making money and enjoying your blogging journey! (PLUS: Free WordPress E-course!) #blogging #blog #socialmedia #wordpress #blogger

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How to blog

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Pick a name
  3. Cross-check it
  4. Register a domain name
  5. Carefully choose a platform that’s suited to your skills, needs, budget and blogging goals
  6. Find your own style
  7. Create awesome content
  8. Proof-read before hitting publish
  9. Set your own schedule
  10. Discover the best tools and resources
  11. Network
  12. Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, design, SEO and backing up
  13. Be kind to yourself!

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15 Responses to How to start and build a blog (step-by-step)

  1. Hi Bree!

    Sorry, but I have tried to login on your webpage but isn’t possible for me. I have received a email and I followed instructions but I couldn’t it. Can you help me, please? I am pand_


  2. Beautiful infographic.

    Some of the best advice I could ever give to new bloggers is to be patient and keep trying – but to not keep trying the same thing over and over. If something is working, keep doing it, but if it isn’t, don’t expect it to work out eventually. Scrap the projects that aren’t working the greatest and try something new, or invest more of your time in things that are working out for you.

    Good luck to all the new bloggers!

  3. I love that backing up is included in this. Sooo very important to do so, even the data on your computer that may technically not be work/blog related (which I’ve come close to losing one too many times to be happy about !)

  4. Hello, this is very helpful. Thank you. I have a question: what if i have signed up with squarespace and they offer blog pages in their sites? Is it wordpess?

    • @Kayechamp Hi there! If you set up a squarespace site, the blog would also be Squarespace. However, if you’re eager to use WordPress and not let go of your squarespace site, you could set up WP on a subdomain. Eg: Your squarespace site could be and the WP blog could be The steps are basically the same, except that you need to create a) subdomain with your host first, and b) choose the subdomain when you do the installation. It’s slightly more advanced than what I’ve covered in my beginner WordPress e-course, but doable!

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How to start and build a blog (step-by-step)
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