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Google Chrome

Google Chrome
4.5 2 votes

Chrome is the internet browser from Google. It is fast and minimalistic, with many extension options, and claims to feature fast start up, fast loading, and fast search.

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3.7 3 votes

Google is a search engine that allows users to search the web, images and video, helping bloggers find content as well as be found by other searchers. One of the Google search features is Google Blogs Seach.

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Google Drive

Google Drive
4 2 votes

Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) is one of Google’s many tools. It can be used to create and store all manner of documents online, including text, spreadsheets, drawings, and forms (which can be used for creating blog surveys).

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Google Alerts

Google Alerts
3.5 2 votes

Google Alerts are a simple way to monitor mentions of your blog online. Sign in with your Google account, and register the words you want to keep track of (such as your name, or blog’s name) and set the alert frequency.

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Google Adsense

Google Adsense
4.2 5 votes

Google Adsense is a contextual advertising program bloggers can use. Once signed up and approved by Google, bloggers can embed ads in places such as headers, footers, posts and sidebars.

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Google Trends

Google Trends
2.5 2 votes

Google Trends provides insights into broad search patterns. It also gives users the opportunity to compare search terms against each other, as well as a look at what’s being searched for most online.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics
4 3 votes

Google Analytics is Google‘s tracking tool. Once tracking code is placed within a blog, bloggers can receive info including unique visitors and page views. Another feature is “In-Page Analytics” which is similar to a heat map.

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Google Sites

Google Sites
2 2 votes

Google Sites allow you to easily create a free website. Sites can be worked on by groups, and attachments or info from Google Docs and other apps can be added. It can be edited by yourself or a team of people.

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