How to pin to different Pinterest accounts
The time-saving Pinterest trick to help you manage different accounts (that'll help you gain followers and traffic too!)
How to pin to different Pinterest accounts
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Managing multiple Pinterest accounts is a problem (ahem, a #firstworldproblem) I’ve been having for a while (I have one account for things related to this blog, and another for everything else). Signing in and out is time-consuming and too easy to say, “Oh, forget it…”. So how do you pin to different Pinterest accounts?

There are two Pinterest management solutions…

1. Use different browswers

This is the free and simple option. It basically requires that you have two different browsers open on your desktop (eg: Chrome and Safari) and you sign into a Pinterest account on one, and another Pinterest account on the other.

While no extra tools or software is necessary, it does mean you need to click back and forth between the two (or three, or four…) browsers copy and pasting URLs you find between the two so the right pictures end up on the right accounts.

2. Use a scheduling tool

I’ve been using Viraltag lately, and it’s making managing multiple Pinterest accounts much, much easier.

It lets you add numerous Pinterest accounts which you can pin to (and also, schedule pins to) via its dashboard. Pinning images from blogs and websites (and even Pinerest itself – ie, re-pins) is then done with either a Viraltag bookmarklet or a Chrome Extension.

The downside is that it does come at a monthly cost (but with a free two-week trial that’s totally worth taking up!), but many of the big bloggers are crediting it for the success in not only gaining followers, but sending a lot of traffic to the website. One blogger I know claims it’s what took her from a few thousand Pinterest followers to nearly 100,000 in 12 months!

Other Pinterest management options include:

Have you tried Viraltag? Or another tool? What did you think?


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3 Responses to How to pin to different Pinterest accounts

    • Hey Tammy, yep – you need to be approved for Pinterest first, then you once you’ve got the OK you can add in your Pinterest account/s.

  1. This was so helpful. I always wondered if there was a way to schedule pins, because as much as I love pinterest I don;t necessarily want to be pinning all day! Thanks.


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How to pin to different Pinterest accounts
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