Secret Bloggers’ Business: The Bloggers’ MBA (Review)
Ready to take your blog to the next level? This course (formerly known as Secret Bloggers' Business Bootcamp) by a successful six-figure blogger could be just what you're looking for...
Secret Bloggers’ Business: The Bloggers’ MBA (Review)
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How to be a full-time blogger - get traffic, build an audience and make money blogging!I know it’s been a little while between updates here on TBS, but I just wanted to jump back in for a brief moment to share the latest news on The Bloggers’ MBA – the eight-week e-course that’ll teach to you how to take your blog from zero to hero!

What is The Bloggers’ MBA?

The Bloggers’ MBA is like having a “friend in the know” (Kate McKibben, the founder) show you the ropes on exactly what she did to turn her little shopping newsletter hobby into a fully fledged blogging business (with a team of five!). In fact, she’s made over $1 million page from blogging (not bad, eh?).

Just some of the things you’ll learn…

  • Creating an e-product and building an e-mail list (the fast way)
  • Building a brand, a voice, and value (so important!)
  • The two-part process to finding your ideal reader
  • Exactly where to find advertisers (and how to approach them like a professional)
  • A calculator for determining what rates to charge for sponsored posts and advertising (you’re worth more than you think!)
  • How to build your social media followers (stat!) and the Pinterest tool everyone’s talking about
  • And so, so, so much more…

If you want to learn more, simply pop over to her site to get more details ASAP or sign up here.


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Secret Bloggers’ Business: The Bloggers’ MBA (Review)
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